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Hazardous & Corrosive


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Hazardous & Corrosive

Trust ATI to find the right tank and lining for storing and transporting your hazardous or corrosive product. It might be a Bunded Tank or one of our dedicated fleet of T7 Transport Tanks or T14 Acid Tanks. These tanks have crash frames that protect the inner tank, they won’t leak if they fall off a lorry, or leak if they fall off a ship in bad weather.

Regular pressure testing and independent inspections keep these robust tanks shipshape and compliant with pollution prevention guidance (PPG).

Tank Sizes:

Type of TankSmallest size available m3Largest size available m3
Bunded Tank154
Self-bunded Tank
Transportation Tank
Acid tank66
To find out more about hiring tanks for hazardous and corrosive
substances, email us or call ATI Tank Hire now on 01493 441747