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Vertical Silos
vertical silos
Size range
• 31m³ – 45m³

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Typical applications
ATI silos are primarily designed for cement storage and distribution. They are also suitable for most dry powders and granular products, but not food. Economical in their use of ground space, they are are not inhibited by height restrictions.

Not Included
• electrical and/or pneumatic supply, service, installation, connection
• labour and cranage required on site for offloading/loading and erection/dismantling of the silo and its associated equipment

Standard features
• 7.5 kW x 4m screw feed conveyor
• aeration pads
• brackets for vibrator system
• advice on sound base and positioning

Optional Extras
• assistance with setting up and dismantling
• extensions to screw feed conveyor
• 1/2 tonne or 1 tonne weigh batcher with display programmer and electrical connections
• extra aeration, depending on product
• air driven vibrators to aid discharge and eliminate bridging of the product

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