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Water & Waste

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Water & Waste

Fresh & drinking water: Our fresh Water Tanks are constructed from stainless steel or are epoxy / bitumen lined. Some tanks can be supplied full of water, most tanks travel empty only. ATI can offer tank chlorination if required.Water for process: Our single-skinned Horizontal and Vertical Tanks come in a range of sizes to store the water required for many onsite processes.

Grey water: Washing waste from catering or laundry may also be stored in single-skinned Horizontal and Vertical Tanks. Transport tanks are available for road or sea movement.

Black water: Commonly known as sewage, black water can be stored in single-skin, double-skin and Bunded Tanks dependent on site and local area regulations. While not officially classed as a hazardous material, many companies like to store sewage in bunded conditions.

Tank Sizes:

Type of TankSmallest size available m3Largest size available m3
Horizontal Tank1.3111
Vertical Tank8100
Bunded Tank1.2365
Transportation Tank1.319
Water Storage Tank1.3111
Hori/Verti Tank1854
Separation Tank (open-top)3.938
Separation Tank (weir set)1730
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