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Customer focus – Green-E Industrial Services Ltd


Pictured: Self-bunded storage tanks like those hired by Green-E

Self-bunded tanks used in industrial cleaning

Kent-based Green-E is a specialist chemical cleaning company that carries out chemical cleaning at industrial sites such as refineries, power stations and chemical works across the UK.

Green-E hires self-bunded storage tanks from ATI on a regular basis. These tanks are used to store processing alkaline and acid cleaning solutions, and for the subsequent treatment and storage of the effluent.

Hire length can vary between two weeks and two years, depending on the requirement.

Reliable and professional

Tony Green, Operations Manager for Green-E, said: ‘I have used ATI for tank hire for the last 14 years as Green-E and for 10 years before that representing a major UK-based industrial cleaning company. The tanks always arrive in a clean, presentable condition and are simple to unload as they come supplied with certificated lifting tackle already fitted. They give a reliable and professional service in a friendly and helpful manner.’

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