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Singleton Birch

Singleton Birch

“We appreciate ATI’s rapid response to our requests. Utility companies often need product delivered quickly, to cover emergency situations, so we appreciate ATI’s rapid response to our requests. They are flexible, friendly, and they usually have what we need, when we need it. “

Silos and tanks store lime to neutralise drinking water and sewage. Singleton Birch are the UK’s leading independent producers and suppliers of lime products. A major strand of their business is the utilities sector. They supply calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) for correcting the acidity of drinking water; and calcium oxide (quicklime) which is used to treat sewage sludge so that it can be recycled to agriculture. For 10 years the company has used ATI Tanks to store these lime products, hiring our gravity, vertical and horizontal silos and bunded tanks.

Alistair Forman, Lime Sales Manager

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